NJR Bling showers

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NJR Bling showers

Witness the debut of a massive happening in Beirut city. Every Thursday night, a pimped out PALAIS by crystal, the most exclusive nightclub in Beirut, will host international R&B DJs, making you discover the utmost of the Bling showers.

The Ghetto sessions are refined and trendy R&B nights, reserved exclusively for Beirut’s hottest.

On Thursday the 29th of January, PALAIS will be hosting international renowned DJ Fred Wreck producer of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog and 50Cent, at Bling showers’s first edition followed by many other international DJs every Thursday.

Strict door policy.
Reservation is a must; please call 03 85 44 55 to book your tables.

Bling showers, a Guetto Chic’s Sessions, at PALAIS with NRJ!!!