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Challenges Are Only STEPS , The MORE You TACKLE The More You SUCCEED


Jihad Abou Zeid, founder of FIKR for training – a training for life ™, is a Master Sales Trainer,  NLP Master Practitioner and NLP master trainer, certified by the American Union of NLP.
He is a Business Executive Trainer who is an expert and a top professional in sales training and in dealing with clients. He has trained thousands of trainees in the past 15 years.
His unique training methods has changed many people’s lives and attitudes. The training that Jihad delivers is in the form of presenting the material with live examples, lecturing and direct interaction with all participants, followed by a training workshop and role playing where all participants will take part in groups and as individuals to reenact the principles they have learned.


Jihad Abou Zeid has a Masters Degree in Law, yet he found his real passion in sales.
He started his career as a door to door salesman achieving high sales targets consistently. After one year he became a manager and a partner in the company. Later he established his own business. This, along with his natural HR and negotiation skills, helped him to discover his true passion in training and motivating others to achieve star results.



Jihad is:

Regional director and a partner at Dynamic Dezyne intl
Owner of Realty Lebanon (Lebanon’s Premium Realtor)
Owner of FIKR for training – a training for life ™
Holding Masters in Law
CPD accredited in Leadership and Management
Master Sales trainer
NLP Master practitioner
Certified and accredited trainer by the American union of Neuro Linguistic Programming  (AUNLP)


Vision and mission
Fikr for training – a training for life

Our vision
We believe that every person has all the resources needed to succeed
Everyone deserves a positive change in their lives
Using our training skills to inspire others and empower them for a better life
Create positive influence to everyone
Create new training Methods to enhance professionalism and productivity
Help others to reach their ultimate resources and goals
Spread new perspective for a better future

Our Mission

Change others’ lives by providing great training
Develop and create new training methods to suit everyone
Help individuals and companies upgrade their potential
Make continuous training a part of life
Create personalized training accessible to all
Focus on direct training because it is interactive, engaging and will deliver better results
Create a positive difference in our Trainees
Continuously working hard for a brighter future

What we offer

At FIKR for training – a training for life ™, we provide a wide variety of services and training to business executives and individuals. Training Material include:

Sales Training
  1. Sales training program
  2. TFF sales training program
  3. Advanced sales with NLP

NLP Training
  1. NLP Practitioner
  2. NLP Master practitioner
  3. NLP For executives
  4. NLP Therapy

Leadership Skills
Train the Trainer
Leadership and Management
Positive Thinking
Personal Development
Business Consultancy
Marketing Consultancy


Our methods

Our coaching & Training methods vary, according to the topic and the service provided. We run workshops with hands on training, so people actually DO rather than being lectured. We coach, as we believe that our client already have most of the resources and answers needed for success, we just help our clients to find and use these resources.

We do things by demonstration, engagement and inter-activeness. Especially since we believe that learning is more effective when practiced. Better and longer term results are achieved when done in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.


Business courses

Our courses are made to suit your industry and your company’s particular needs. All training is carried out according to a scientific approach based on human behavior, power of convincing, and the study of positive attitude and its effects on your team.

On demand courses are available. We address directly the issues faced by your company and team in the market. Working with each and every individual to achieve the required goal. Our approach to training is not the classical classroom approach.

All our NLP courses are certified and accredited by The American Union of NLP, where our clients become a certified NLP practitioners and Master practitioners. Our NLP techniques are adapted to be used in everyday business situations to achieve the desired results.


Sales training

We train people to deal with others. We investigate the human mind, body language, the power of positive words, the frame of mind of the sales, the impact on the client, and most importantly we teach your sales team how to close the deal.

Your salespeople will be aware on how to approach the market and how to think on their feet to handle any situation they may come across. The course provides motivation and builds confidence in the human power to control their life and their circumstances, resulting in highly motivated and successful team.

We focus on building leadership among your sales, and work on individual level to overcome hidden fears and insecurities that may be hindering your sales from achieving their full potential.

Our Sales Training approach is more of a workshop than a lecture. Provided by Jihad Abou Zeid, Master sales and NLP trainer, with experience of over 15 years in the field.



Welcome to the world of NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming, the systematic study of human performance. NLP is a subjective experience; It’s a fluid framework that transforms at much deeper levels, faster than we ever imagined. NLP provides therapists an opportunity to initiate change in the lives of their clients. Neurolinguistic Programming analyzes and transfers human excellence, which results in the most valuable, helpful and practical psychology practiced.
A real hands-on learning experience and an open mind, pushes the limits of the training at all levels. (Steve G. Jones AUNLP™)

Fikr for training – a training for life™  provides several NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training programs that are certified by the American Union of NLP and presented by Jihad Abou Zeid:

– Masters in law
– CPD certified in Management and leadership
– Master sales trainer
– Certified NLP Master practitioner and trainer by the American Union Of NLP ( AUNLP )

( All participants who pass the test will get a certificate from the American Union of NLP – AUNLP )

1- NLP Practitioner

We train interested people to become NLP practitioners so that they can practice NLP to change their lives, as well as to practice NLP on others to help them solve their problems and live a more positive life.

NLP can be used to transform people’s lives to the better, help them acquire new habits, and forsake habits that are no longer needed. NLP can help people get over past issues in their lives and move forward to achieve new successes or to live a happier more fulfilling lives.

NLP can also be learned simply to improve communications in the business world, or on a personal level.

Whatever the reason for learning NLP, it is a very enjoyable experience that ends with an exam and a certificate from AUNLP (American Union of NLP).

2– NLP Master Practitioner

If you would like to take NLP further, Fikr provides another certified program for NLP Master Practitioner, where more details into techniques and more understanding of how NLP works.

Our programs do not waste time on unnecessary details, but rather focuses on the essential techniques and incorporate workshops to ensure that NLP is practiced correctly to achieve results.

At the end of the program, an exam must be passed before certification from the American Union of NLP is given to successful participants.

3- NLP Techniques in Business

Fikr provides several training courses in Business, most notably is the sales training and the leadership training. NLP is incorporated into all these courses to help participants communicate better, understand the body language of their clients, co workers, peers or subordinates, and use NLP to effectively achieve positive results, prevent conflict, and to manage better communications.

NLP techniques are useful for everyone, including HR and people in leadership positions that need to effectively manage others. NLP provides a positive way to influence and motivate your team.

For more information and a free consultation, contact one of our consultants for an appointment.

4- Executive NLP

This is a special course for executives and CEOs. It helps you to understand NLP better and to put it to use in your day to day communication. NLP for executives will help you to become the ideal leader, with high motivation. Mastering NLP techniques to easily and naturally motivate your team, improve sales, improve your negotiation skills and become more effective at presenting your ideas clearly.

Executive NLP will help you achieve your goals naturally and easily, as well as improving your convincing skills and your influence on others.

5- Sales NLP

NLP can be used in business for a variety of purposes. It can be used to communicate ideas clearly, create rapport with your clients easily, and can be used in sales to increase income by closing more deals. Business NLP is a must for everyone involved in business. It helps you to identify the representational systems of the people that you deal with daily. Business NLP will assist you in communication and using the right words to get things done the way you want. It is an effective and necessary tool for any successful business person.

Combined with the NLP techniques in business, the seminar also covers a lot of material about sales and dealing with people, another important aspect for any business small or large.


NLP practitioner certification in Lebanon (NLP training Lebanon)

NLP training Lebanon

Benefits of being a certified NLP practitioner (NLP training Lebanon)

1- You will learn how to control your feelings, turn the negative to positive. 
2- Get rid of your fears, Learn how to make steps forward.
3- Establishing better rapport with others, you will be a better communicator.
4- You will discover your potential, to know what you are really able to do.
5- You will learn how to find solutions for your conflicts in business and in personal life.
6- Become more confident
7- Learn how to change your unwanted behavior
8- Successful attendees will be certified from the American union of NLP as NLP practitioners
9- All Attendees will be listed on the AUNLP website as practitioners

NLP practitioner certification in Lebanon

Topics of NLP Certification Seminar

NLP helps you change your life to the better and to help and inspire others. NLP helps you to develop basic skills and tools to enhances your journey to success.

The object of the seminar is to train the participants to become certified NLP Practitioners, so that they can actually practice NLP. They can practice NLP to help themselves, their family and friends, and after some practice, can in addition work to help others as a professional NLP Practitioner.

The seminar focuses on introducing NLP and discusses how the mind works and why NLP can help people change or achieve results. The seminar also introduces basic and powerful NLPtechniques that will consequently give the participants an advantage in everyday life when dealing with people around them in any situation.

The Seminar will include the following topics:

– Introduction to NLP
– Rapport
– Sensory Acuity
– Opening your senses
– Eye Accessing cues
– The representational System
– Sub Modalities
– States of Excellence
– Major Presuppositions of NLP
– Meta Models
– Information Gathering
– Anchoring
– Chaining Anchors
– Behavior Transfer
– Changing Personal History
– Eliminating Fears and Phobias
– Building Self Confidence
– NLP Techniques

There will be a practical workshop in the seminar that will help the participants to see some of the techniques in action, in addition to the chance to learn some valuable secrets that can help the participants in many situations.

NLP can never be a theoretical subject, it must be practiced to really see and understand the powerful effects and to experience the NLP and the change it creates into people’s lives.

At the end of the seminar you should have better communication skills, and you should be able to practice basic NLP on yourself and on to others to help achieve positive change and a happier and fuller life on the way to achieving your goals and lasting happiness.

At the end of the seminar, participants will get a week to review all the information, after that there will be a written test, which participants must pass in order to get certified by the American Union of NLP.

NLP training Lebanon

Certified NLP practitioner by Jihad Abou Zeid



NLP Training in lebanon
NLP Master practitioner in Lebanon

NLP Master Practitioner Seminar provides in depth training on NLP and techniques.
At the end of the seminar, there is a written test that will result in certification from AUNLP (The American Union of NLP) for the successful participants.

Subject : (nlp training lebanon - nlp master practitioner)

The seminar is in two parts, one is theory and explanation of the NLP and in depth techniques, understanding of the human behavior and the mind wiring. The other part is all about practice, so that the participants can gain hands on experience during the training, and can see and put into action all they have learned during the seminars.

The seminar will cover the following content:

Sensory Acuity
Kinesthetic (Sense of Touch)
Meta Programs
Contemplative / Action-Oriented
In time / Through time
Independent / Team player
Once / Several Times
General / Specific
Matching / Mismatched
Internal / External
Toward / Away from
Meta Program Exercise
Timeline For Success
Timeline Basics
Information Gathering
Lie / Truth Submodalities Exercise
Success Track
Personal Trance Words
Magic Words
Magic Words: Quotes
Kinesthetic Swish Exercise
Motivational Metaprograms
Logical Levels
Logical Levels Exercise
New Behavior Generator
Words to Avoid
Godiva Chocolate Pattern
Swish Pattern Exercises
Computer Swish
The More the More Pattern
Analog Marking
Embedded Commands
Anchoring Exercise
The Don’t Pattern
Zip Technique
Compulsion Blow Out
Nested Loops
Accelerated Learning
Meta Programs
Sub-Modality Distinctions
States (eliciting, anchoring, etc.)
Buying Decision Rules
Language Directions
Belief Systems Exercise
Time-Released Commands
Softening Phrases
The Stop Pattern
Forced Choice
Auto Pilot to Success
Sliding Anchors
Drop Down Through Technique
Healing States of the Masters
Eye Movement
Hammer Exercise
Virginia Satir Patterns
Virginia Satir – Flex
By-pass Words
Awareness Pattern
Temporal Pattern
Spatial Pattern
Cause & Effect Pattern
Meta Model Introductions
Language Patterns
Glossary of Common NLP Terms

At the end of the seminar, participants will get a week to review all the information. In conclusion, there will be a written test, which participants must pass in order to get certified by the American Union of NLP. (AUNLP)


NLP for Executives

Executive people are distinguished ones, they always want to be ahead due to their nature and their personality. They are always eager to learn, lead and produce. That is why NLP for executives course has been created as a leadership training course.

FIKR for training – a training for life ™, has dedicated a special training program for those who want to be on the top and ahead of things. This special training course is combining the most advanced NLP techniques to help the trainees to control their emotional and mental state, as a start, and to transmit it to others as a second step. People who know how to control themselves will know how to lead and how to handle others through business and life.

Benefits of  NLP for Executives Training

For all the executives who want to make a huge leap, a remarkable progress and a continuous success; we at FIKR for training – a training for life™, have the right combination and the right method to mold your skills into an extraordinary business person. You will become SUCCESSFUL.

The executive NLP training will give you the power to be aware of your surroundings and getting the maximum benefit of it. You will discover your hidden capabilities and unleash your powers. You will simply go to the next level. You will be POWERFUL.

You will master the art of public speaking. Learn how to create a positive first impression in only seven seconds. You will control your voice, body gestures, eye movement, the way you walk, you talk and how to explain your ideas in a very logical and impressive manner. You will feel DIFFERENT.

When you accomplish this training you will be able to kick out your comfort zone concept, you will create your own zones and move from one zone to another naturally and comfortably. You will be FREE.

You will be able to deal with your own mental barriers and blocks, you will discover your bad habits, you will face your doubts and your fears, you will change your pattern of thinking and you will construct new good habits. It is a life changing method.

You will discover your potentials by exploring your own map, you will understand the “YOU” as you never did before. and For the first time you will be in front of yourself to see what’s possible and what’s not. You will AMAZE yourself with your new capabilities. You will discover that you already have all what you need in “YOU”. You will just start using them properly.

You will learn new methods and techniques to make and to maintain a lasting change in your personality, attitude and pattern. You will simply make a major shift to become an achiever.

By learning NLP you will discover that life is easier than you thought. You will get better results with less and right effort. And off course you will start to ENJOY more what you do.

By following this Executive NLP training program you will be aware about human strategy process. We are what we DID and What HAPPENED with us, in other term we are our PAST. All events are registered and implemented inside our subconscious mind and we act today for what happened yesterday. I know this is a little bit confusing but this is the truth. Let me explain

Try to remember your childhood when elder people told you to look down to show respect, to eat all what’s in your dish because others are starving in the other side of the world, to talk and walk in a certain way, it is not our destiny to be rich, stay humble and get a secured job with a limited salary, you father is not well known to get your things easily and to many limiting barriers.

People are subject to be exposed by sever events and accidents and there where resides all our fears, phobias and bad feelings. What happened in the past is imprinted inside our nervous system and it is affecting our actions and reactions. Our past is drawing our way and dominating our presence and future. We live according to what we have being taught and experienced.

So just  STOP

It is the time where you understand that the past has GONE. The presence to be ENJOYED. The future to be PLANNED.

This is the right time of NLP. The right time of the right tool to fully read and understand what happened in your past. To access all those unwanted feelings and to change the meaning of them. There will no more be a hard past, only a past with lessons and feedback. Once your past is seen properly your presence will be enjoyable and your future will brighter.

The NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) will give you the right tool to go through your entire timeline. You will have the power to shift your negative feelings to positive ones, to eliminate your mind blocks and barriers to open up your real potential. You will be FREE, POSITIVE and a better PERSON.

This course is a smart combination between NLP techniques (Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer) and advanced Leadership skills with goals orientation and finally personal and professional emotional control.

NLP for Executives Contents:

This exceptional course will include

Professional Leadership capabilities
Controlling your mental and emotional state
Advanced Body Language to enforce and enhance the Nonverbal communication
Public speaking – Advanced level
Ideas mapping
Meta model to challenge the deletion, distortion and generalization
Creating rapport
Understanding others mind map
Advanced perspective approach
Integrated Life coaching
The “DPFF” challenge rule
Decision making strategy
Decision test strategy
Grounding formula
The difference between managers and leaders
BYE BYE failure technique
Success adoption technique
Walk your TALK technique
Mental state creation
Eliminate Social Anxiety
Fix Your Flaws
Grow Self-Esteem
Pursue a Goal
Eliminate Doubt
Change Your Attitude
Perform Better at Work
Manage Anger
Improve Focus
Change How You See The World
Create Opportunity

Sales Training Program – Expanding Your Horizons

Fikr for training – a training for life provides an extensive sales training program that will change your sales team to star salespeople.
We work with each sales person individually to ensure that every participant receives the optimum from the seminar.
Our sale training program is different and unique. We GUARANTEE our training, we DELIVER results and We TRANSFORM your people from ordinary sales to extraordinary achievers.

The training is divided into Theoretical and Practical training.

1- Theoretical training:
All participants will get a closer and different look to the art of selling. Our sales approach is new, efficient and associated to the MIND function process. We want to ensure that our trainees are ready for the transformation and the challenge to get new and different perspective of the market, clients and singed contracts.

2- Practical training (workshop)
Here where the real world will be disclosed. All trainees will see the sales process in SAY and ACT. The sales pitch and the sales steps that are taught in the first step will be applied as realistically as though in the market with real clients.

During the practical process the trainer will intervene immediately to improve and guide the trainees to the right way

The topics covered:

Body Language
  • Read others body gestures
  • Control your body gestures
  • Pattern interrupt

Building character
  • Create the “achiever’s spirit”
  • Build your exceptional Character
  • Learn how to listen
  • Data collection
  • Personality transformation
  • Create the “new YOU”
  • Be different and friendly
  • Values

Sourcing new clients
How to speak on the phone to get the appointment
Introducing yourself to the client
Negotiation skills
  • Opening
  • During the process
  • Closing

Breaking the Ice
Building trust with the clients
Introducing the company and the product
Your sales pitch
  • How to talk
  • What to say
  • When to say
  • Your voice tone

How to introduce the price
Closing the Deal
  • Decision of signing
  • Preparation
  • applying
  • rehash

Follow up with clients
Up selling and cross selling
Repeat business

TFF Sales Training in Lebanon

Fikr for training – a training for life  is proud to introduce the new sales training Lebanon program TFF: Theory, Field , Follow up

It is a revolutionary sales training program where we help your company increase sales and we guarantee our results.

1- Theory – Sales Training Lebanon

T stands for Theory sales training.

In this stage we conduct sales training in an office environment. Theory is combined with a workshop to practice possibilities, methods, and other scenarios imitating real life situations to prepare your sales people for real market scenarios. Furthermore, the office environment is a controlled environment, no matter how well we try to mimic the market conditions, it will almost always be a different situation when your salesperson meet with real clients.

There are some advantages and benefits in sales training in a controlled environment.  You can practice and learn the pitch, the body language, the Q & A and different behaviors which are not easy or possible to learn directly in the market. Mistakes would be too costly for your company if they were to happen directly with clients. As well as having to consider the implications this might have on your company’s reputation if your representative failed to give the correct professional image, or misbehaved in any way.  The results might be catastrophic.

Advantages of Controlled Training

One advantage of the controlled office environment is that the group gives feedback to the trainee. Each salesperson can act out a role play. This encourages the group to learn from each other’s mistakes. As well as group psychology,  the group gives each other positive energy and support.

A smart trainer will take full advantage of these points and will be able to produce a very strong sales team within your company. A team that is ready to tackle any situation in the market. A team that will close deals and sign contracts. The role of the trainer can never be underestimated in motivating your team, giving them the needed support and building their self confidence along the way.

2- Field – Sales Training Lebanon

F for Field sales Training. So why do you need that if already we did our full work in the office?

Well simply because the field training is a reinforcement of what your team have learned in the office. The field training provides further support in a real life environment and gives your sales person more confidence in handling clients, specially difficult clients. We will help him / her close more deals, meet more targets and increase sales efficiently.

Fikr for training – a training for life  has given a lot of thought to this sales training program and is offering the TFF sales program to medium and large companies. If your team is over 20 sales people, in any field or industry, then you can benefit from our sales training.

Feedback & Reinforcement

The Field Training is a complete new training program, never offered before in the Middle East.  It provides a great opportunity to work directly with your sales team in the market, or in the Field. We can immediately give feedback and support to your team members after they have been to live sales appointments. This will increase their self confidence and motivates them further even if they face rejection, which is a normal part of every sales process. The most important thing in the Field training is to tackle the live problems that your sales team members may face in live environment. We continuously remind them of their training, to reinforce what they have learnt, re-motivate and re-energize the team members, collectively and individually.

In this stage of the training, we handle the inner fears of the individual sales members, and help them overcome it.  We find their weaknesses and help them strengthen them, and give them the confidence that they have the backing of the company behind them. We continuously reinforce the strengths of the company, service and products they are offering.

3- Follow up – sales training Lebanon

F for Follow up. After spending time in the office, and time in the field, Fikr provides your team with the last important stage of the TFF sales program: Follow up.

For a few weeks we will continue to monitor your team and tweak with each sales individually. Keeping the salespeople aligned with the training given and bring them back if they sway away from the mainstream. Monitor and follow up by meeting with them on several occasions. We retrain, motivate, and provide support when needed.

What we are effectively offering you as a company is more than a simple sales training program.  We go the extra mile to ensure that our training is enforced correctly to directly benefit your company and is translated to increased sales and profitability for your company.

Increasing Your Sales

If you are serious about building your sales team, and serious about sales growth this year, and increase in the number of deals and contracts closed, then you should speak to us about the TFF sales program. No other company or trainer offers so much as we do with the TFF. We are so sure of our training methods that we guarantee our results.

The Extra Mile

Most sales training begins and end there, in the office with the Theory Training. Very few would dare to take the next two steps that Fikr is proposing in this program.

So why do we embark on this extra mile?

Simply because we believe in what we do, and we intend for our company and your sales team to succeed.  Furthermore, we guarantee our method and are more than happy to prove that our methods works.

  • We have been there. 
  • Done that. 
  • Our trainers are direct sales people.
  • We continue to work as sales.
  • Leading sales teams to success for the past 20 years.
  • Teaching what we do, simple, practical and directly to the point.
If you cannot drive, you cannot teach driving.
Only a STAR salesman can be your best sales TRAINER..

Advanced sales with NLP

Fikr for training – a training for life 

Training your Sales force is the best investment you can do. Successful entrepreneurs and business owners know and accept the fact that teaching and training their people is the best way to reach the peak performance and productivity. It is a non-stop process that combines the capability of the trainer to deliver and the trainees to receive.

Training your sales force, by attending the Advanced sales with NLP training program, will lead your company to the next level. Where you can sell, upsell and create new products to compete in the market.

We are living in a time where people are the No. 1 product. With the high competition, the only product that is important to your clients is your own sales representatives.

Let’s talk a bit about the market. We find similar products and similar services which are the same under different names. Banks, insurance companies, cars, furniture and others. In other words, all are alike. When there is a new product creation, the very next day the competition will copy the same. So we will never really find a unique product or service for long.

At this level a very important question will surface:
How can you make your product or your service unique?

We at Fikr for training – a training for life ™ have found the right answer. What makes your company unique is your PEOPLE. In those people resides your progress, your future, your profitability and continuity.

Sometimes we ask ourselves, SHOULD I keep training my people during the hard and rough times? The answer is obvious. You never leave your people unequipped. Your sales people are your company soldiers. If you back them, they will always make your fights, if you leave them, you will always fight and struggle.

Our advanced sale with NLP training program will transform your sales people into professionals. They will know how to handle hard times and clients. They will have a new market perspective and will know how to transfer opportunities into signed contracts.

At Fikr for training – a training for life ™, we TRAIN, TEACH, GUIDE and GO with our trainees through the same path in order to SUCCEED. We always believe that training is walking in front of your trainees to reach perfection and professionalism.

The advanced sale with NLP training program Contains the following: 

Sales Steps
Closing the deal
Creating Rapport
Eliminating fears
Eliminating limiting beliefs
Clients representational system
Personal words
Magic words
Trans words
Outcome & target
Body language
Self confidence
Meta model
Negotiation skills
Know your opponent
Potential discovery
Learning techniques
Energy transfer
Emotional control
Making phone calls
Follow up

Fikr for training – a training for life 
Train the trainer program by Jihad Abou Zeid
Train the trainer
Join now the “train the trainer program” to enhance and improve your training capabilities and become a special and exceptional trainer
“Train the trainer program” includes:
1- Personality Development
 – Trainers are special people
 – Trainers have as a coach personality
 – How to pass on the energy to your team members
 – How to create enthusiasm
 – Ability to find logical solutions
 – Personality development to be accepted and respected by the team
 – How to become a leader and lead your team
 – Become a role model
 – Take responsibility of your team
2- Creating your team
 – Choosing members of the team
 – Training the team
3- Managing your Team
 – Segmenting the market
 – Market Methodology
 – Daily follow up
 – Planning ahead
–  Meetings Types
 – Morning meetings
 – Evening meetings
4- Creating Incentives
 – Moral incentives
 – Financial incentives
 – Prizes
5- Developing your team’s abilities
 – How to develop enthusiastic salesman’s ability
 – How to promote from salesman to trainer
 – How to promote a trainer to manager assistant
 – How to promote an assistant to a manager of the team
6- How to set daily, monthly, and yearly targets for individual members of the team
 – Planning
 – Setting targets
 – Follow up
7- How to set general goals for the team
 – Understand the Market
 – Understand your sales people capabilities
8- how to follow up with the team
 – Morning Follow ups
 – During the day Follow ups
 – Evening Follow ups
9- Incentive and power meetings
There are different kinds of meetings that should take place daily and regularly:
 – Meetings that would encourage and empower the team members
 – Strict meetings to keep the team members ready
 – Incentive meetings
 – Control meetings
 – Discussions meetings 
 – Instructive meetings
 – Energy meetings where the trainer passes his energy and enthusiasm to the team members
Fikr for training – a training for life 

Consistency training in Lebanon – the Key to Success.

What is consistency, and how does it relate to success? What difference does it make to our lives?

Consistency helps us survive stress and setbacks in our everyday lives. It is learning to never give up in order to reach success, and therefore to believe that every day there is a new beginning. It is about believing in yourself and in your abilities to reach success and not allowing setbacks and rejections to let you doubt your abilities or deter you from your objectives.
The word Consistency means you can motivate yourself and keep the positive outlook in the face of all challenges that face you through work or life. Success is to be able to pep talk to yourself and raise your energy levels when the going is tough. Hence, you can learn to do this with the right training. Where successful people are always able to rise after every fall, and to continue going on long after others give up.

Who needs consistency training?

The consistency course is for all levels, but probably most important for salespeople, as sales is one of the most stressful of occupations, especially when dealing with rejection or failing to close a sales.  A few consecutive rejections in many cases affect the morale of the salesperson, and plants doubts about the product, the company and other excuses where the salesperson might start doubting his own abilities.
This course is to train salespersons to keep their sight on track, motivate themselves and keep persisting until they achieve their targets.  It is about how to keep them going after major setbacks without affecting the morality.  Not an easy task, and requires commitment and strong self confidence, which is what this course is all about.
For the first time in Lebanon the Consistency training is presented with integration of many NLP techniques. A new training for a new perspective.
Consistency training in Lebanon will help you and your team achieving your company and your sales goals.
The course includes:

– Motivating yourself (inner source)

– How to excel in your work with practical steps

– Planning
– Organizing
– Leading
– Controlling
– Achieving
– Re-planning 
– Re-organizing

– Keep your energy levels high

– Creating your Shield
– Protecting your Shield
– Energy booster
– Circle of excellence
– Anchoring
– Anchor set up
– Anchor Fire off 

– Handle rejections positively

– Keep your professionalism
– Don’t take it personally
– It is not about how you feel
– Don’t feel under attack
– Control your emotional and mental state
– Control your temper

– Stay consistent and persistent to achieve success

– Find new resources to reach your goals

– Different perspective different results
– You already have all the resources you need
– 360 º view
– Fast swift
– Pattern interrupt

– Succeeding by eliminating the negative influences from your life

– Deal with problems and circumstances to overcome them and achieve success

– Recognizing and dealing with self made excuses

– Positive self criticism and fixes