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BEPCO Boueri Engineering Planning & Consulting Office
Architecture and construction companies in Lebanon.

Taking pride as being one of the pioneers in the construction industry, BEPCO has been in the business of construction for more than 25 years and still counting. Our company has already built many modern and top of the art buildings in the whole of Lebanon as well as the Arab world. We contracting services as well as the business of commercial, residential and industrial projects.It is our goal to modernize the construction industry using modern technologies and design. It would be an honorfor us if you will allow us to work with you in some future ventures.

Contracting, subcontracting, building & Construction, renovations, building restorations, interior decore

Over the last 27 years, BEPCO have designed, supervised and completed the execution of more than 187 projects. BEPCO prides itself on being design oriented.

BEPCO portfolio encompasses multiple projects in Lebanon and abroad. In particular, BEPCO has great experience in the design of villas, of high-end restaurants, offices and habitations.

BEPCO  is always up to date with the latest developments in the fields of architecture, engineering technology, and sustainable development in the design and construction technology.

BEPCO works with reputable companies: engineering, renewable energy, facades consultants, acoustics specialists, consultants in branding and image, traffic analysis firms and many other specializations.



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